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Daily Dose Of Cute: Persian Kittens Playing With Their Electronic Bug Are Too Adorable [VIDEO]

The Persian kittens in the video above are so fluffy and cute! They’re working on their stalking and pouncing skills; although, it looks like their bug toy may be turning the tables and chasing them, too!

If these adorable fluff balls have you worked up into a kitten fever, you’re not alone. But before you go out and adopt a kitten of your own, make sure you’re ready for the responsibility and a one-to-two-decade commitment — maybe more!

And if you happen to have a kitten at home who’d like a toy similar to the one in the video, you can get your own electronic bug here!

Kittens need plenty of mental stimulation, and toys and games that keep them active can prevent boredom and anxiety. Here are a few fun games you can play with your kitten or cat to burn off some energy.

Games To Play With Your Kitten Or Cat

(Picture Credit: Wathanyu Kanthawong / EyeEm/Getty Images)

Games can keep your cat interested and having fun, and they can even improve your bond with your feline!

Here are some of our favorites:

  • Bathtub Ping Pong: All you need to do is put a ping pong ball in the tub and watch your kitty bat it around and chase.
  • Fetch: Believe it or not, some cats will play fetch. Try tossing a crumpled paper ball, and if your kitty brings it back, give lots of praise and rewards.
  • The Shell Game: Put a treat under a cup and shuffle it with a few other cups to see if kitty can follow along. If they pick the cup with the treat, they get to eat it!
  • Hidden Treasure: Put a treat in a crumpled up ball of paper and toss it. Let your cat chase and pull the paper open for the treat. You can also play this game with a puzzle feeder.
  • Hide And Seek: Take your cat’s favorite treat or toy with you and hide somewhere in the home. It’s okay if your cat sees you or if you make it obvious; this is just to get your kitty moving and thinking. When your cat finds you, give them the reward.

Do you have a favorite game to play with kittens or cats? Does your kitty have any toys that move around? Let us know in the comments below!

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