Deaf Sailor’s Maine Coon Cat Acts As His Ears Out At Sea

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Paul Thompson went completely deaf as a child, but that didn’t stop him from hearing the call of the sea. He’s a computer programmer by day, but sailing is one of his true loves. He even built a 32-foot boat that he sails out of New Zealand in the Atlantic Ocean. Thompson’s other true love is his sailing companion, his Maine Coon cat named Skatty, whose full name is Strauss von Skattebol of RebelPawz. And Skatty isn’t just along for the ride as a passenger–he acts as Thompson’s ears and helps him navigate.

At Pepper Jack’s, Pine Harbour Marina.

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The unlikely first mate didn’t even require any training. He lets Thompson know if a boat is pulling alongside, if people are at his door when he’s on shore, or even if he gets a text message. The cat will put his paw on the phone to indicate that his owner’s got a text, or he’ll put a paw on Thompson’s knee to let him know that he should follow. Usually Skatty leads Thompson to his food bowl, but he also leads him to the door when someone arrives.

Onboard Julleen… a bird!

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Skatty is also polydactyl, which means he was born with thumbs and extra toes on his paws. This helps him keep steady and hold tighter while at sea. It’s almost like this cat was built to sail. He hopes to one day catch a seagull, but no luck so far. Hopefully these two will be having adventures together for a long time to come.

What you looking at?

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Would your cat make a good sailor? Does your cat help you see or hear things you wouldn’t sense on your own? Let us know in the comments below!

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