Japan’s Ghost Cat Festival Is Weird And Amazing

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Once a year right before Halloween, the neighborhood of Kagurazaka in Tokyo, Japan is host to the Bakeneko Festival. It’s a cat lover’s weirdest dream come true with cat fans lining the streets and putting on costumes and face paint, wearing masks, and celebrating cat life.

Check Out The Bakeneko Festival!

“Bakeneko” means “changed cat”. In Japanese folklore, they are cats that have supernatural powers. The reason this “ghost cat” festival is celebrated in Kagurazaka is that the neighborhood has a connection to cats thanks to a satirical novel titled I Am A Cat by Natsume Soseki.

Who Gets To Attend?

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The event culminates in a parade, and anyone is welcome to join in as long as they dress like a cat. The festival also celebrates the coming of autumn and Halloween, and it attracts cat costume enthusiasts from all over the world. We’ll have to put the Bakeneko Festival on our bucket list!

Would you dress up like a cat and go to the ghost cat festival? Let us know in the comments below!

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