Kitten Rescued From Sewer With Water Pressure And A Net

Sometimes it takes a village to save a cat in need. When a resident of Manassas Park, Virginia heard some meowing coming from a sewer pipe near her home, she called local police to see if they could help the poor kitten that was trapped inside. The police then called the Public Works Department, and that’s when Laura Coughanour got involved.

Coughanour is the deputy director of the Public Works Department, and she happens to be a cat lover. She’s used to dealing with sewer blockages, but she never had to handle a kitten blocking the pipes. She arrived on the scene with some workers. At first she tried luring the kitten out with some fishing gear from her car,  but that didn’t work. Next, workers stuck a camera down the hole and tried to use it to gently push the kitten out, but that failed, too. As luck would have it, another public works crew was working that night, so they swung by to help out.

The crew came up with an idea to try to flush the kitten out. They would use a stream of water to push the kitten toward a manhole where someone would be waiting with a net to catch the cat. It was risky, and they had to do things exactly right. If the net failed, the kitten would end up in the sewer main, and if the water stream was too strong, they could drown the kitty. The crew put the plan into action, and a half hour later the cat was saved.

Coughanour brought the kitten to an emergency vet. The cat was black with grime and probably feral. Coughanour believes she was dropped into the sewer by accident, maybe by some local kids. But once the kitten was cleaned up and checked by the vet, she brought her home to live with her other two rescue cats. This cat is lucky that a feline fan is in charge of the department that saved her life.

What would you do if you heard meowing from a sewer? Are you happy to see that this kitten has a forever home now? Let us know in the comments below!

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