Cat With Huge Face Tumor Saved From Death Row Gets Surgery And A New Life

When Keta the cat was found by a rescue group called Unwanted NYC Pets, things looked dark for her. She was scheduled to be euthanized as a stray, and with a massive baseball-sized tumor on her mouth, it seemed unlikely that she had a chance. But Unwanted NYC Pets knew that she had been someone’s pet, probably abandoned due to her condition, and they were touched by her situation.

The rescue group took Keta off of death row. Keta immediately took to her rescuers, and when they fed her, she ate happily despite the tumor deforming her face. They knew they had to help her live a happy cat life, so the rescue group began consulting doctors and running tests to see if surgery could remove the tumor. Veterinary surgeons warned that Keta might lose an eye, end up on a feeding tube, or be so deformed that no one would want her.

Amazingly none of those things came to pass. Keta recovered very well. She’s got vision in both of her eyes, her skin tightened up, and she’s back to eating voraciously again. She’s able to play like any other kitty. Now she’s living in a foster home and is very happy. Despite being abandoned and put on death row, she loves people, doesn’t run from strangers, and doesn’t hide from noises. She’s a perfect companion.

Sadly, at the time of writing this article, Keta is still available for adoption on Unwanted NYC Pets’ website. Even though her story has gotten a lot of attention and people have expressed interest in taking her home, no one has followed through. Please help share her story on social media to get the word out and visit her adoption page if you would love to provide this loving, wonderful cat to your family.

Would you take home a cat like Keta? Are you surprised that she is still able to love people despite what she’s been through? Let us know in the comments below!

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