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Cat Video Fest 2019! Coming In March To Theaters Near YOU!

Want to have a fun evening for the entire family and raise money for cats in need?

Cat Video Fest 2019 is a 70 minute compilation of the newest, best, and funniest cat video clips, sourced animation, music videos, and feline internet powerhouses. It’s partially a fundraising opportunity for local animal shelters and animal welfare groups.

It will be in theaters as early as March 3rd, for a very limited time and all across the US and Canada. Tickets sell fast, so buy them in advance! If you live in New York City there are/were a few showings in February so check your theaters ASAP, you lucky duck.

Cat Video Fest 2019: One Night Only And Only In Theaters

The screening will take place in a variety of venues and will help raise money for cats in need through partnerships with local cat rescues and shelters. It will not be available on movie channels or cable or dish or Hulu or Netflix.

If you would like to see Cat Video Fest 2019, you gotta go see it in a theater!

The screening is showing for one night only at each location. However, you can catch it on several different nights at different theaters around the US and Canada. So find the date for the theater closest to you in advance. Here are just a handful of theaters and showtimes:

Remember, these aren’t the only locations where you can catch the main event. So even if you don’t see your home city here, check the Cat Video Fest website to find a theater near you!

How To Submit A Cat Video For Cat Video Fest

Do you have video clips of your cat looking adorable or doing silly cat stuff? Would you like to see your little fur-baby in Cat Video Fest 2020? They are always accepting submissions. Or if you know someone with awesome cat videos, please share this with them. Go to this link to submit a video!

Here is the trailer for Cat Video Fest 2019!

Do you live near any of these theaters? Are you planning to see Cat Video Fest 2019? Would you drive to it if it was a few hours away? Let us know in the comments below if you plan to go.

Also Coming Soon To Minnesota:

The 8th Annual Internet Cat Video Festival

We’ll have an update to follow, but this is planned for sometime in August 2019.

Looks super fun!

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