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New Cat Mural, ‘Becky’, Warms Hearts & Slows Traffic In San Jose

In San Jose’s Julian-Saint James Neighborhood, a new cat mural from artist Roan Victor has enlivened the area and also calmed traffic. The mural, “Becky,” is of a human holding her beloved, fluffy calico, reported Mercury News.

Dancing Cat is a feline adoption center and lounge co-founded by Ann Chasson. Chasson commissioned “Becky” for the center’s return from hiatus. The center had to scale back its operations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The cat, Becky, represents Roan’s cat,” Chasson said, “but the person represents the community — all of us.”

The mural was unveiled during a special ribbon-cutting ceremony on October 23rd, 2021 attended by habitants of the neighborhood, the artist, Victor, and her husband, fellow artist Sean Boyles.

One of the surprising benefits of the mural, says Chasson, is that it has dramatically slowed the traffic that usually whips by at this intersection. No doubt, drivers feel stunned by its beauty.

Cat Mural by Roan Victor

Victor oversaw and worked alongside a small team of artists. Together, they started and completed the mural in under a month. The cat depicted, Becky, was Victor’s own pet who died a few years back.

Victor says that both she and her husband are bonafide “cat people,” and personally have “seven felines milling about” at all times. She loves the entire concept of Dancing Cat.


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“I really love that there is this place where people can be with cats,” Victor said. “They can come here and get some cat attention.”

Dancing Cat’s other co-founder, Mary Rubin, told Mercury that Victor was the ideal choice for the mural’s creation. “Roan has been a foundational member of our community from 2015 on,” she said. “Part of the identity of the Dancing Cat is the creativity that Roan and Sean have brought to us.”

What do you think of this new cat mural? Do you want to see more feline-themed art in your community? Let us know in the comments below.

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