cat climbed under the hood of the car and got stuck in the drive belt
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Kitten Rescued By Police After Getting Stuck In a Car’s Engine Bay

Winnie, a kitten from Virginia, found herself a new home in a most unconventional way. After getting stuck in a car’s engine bay, she had to be rescued by police.

Upon receiving a call from a concerned citizen, the York-Poquoson Sheriff’s Office dispatched officers to help the kitten heard from inside a car’s engine bay. A local news report from Wavy10 says that the caller couldn’t get anyone to help her extract the kitten.

Once police arrived, however, they enlisted the help of some citizens in order to free the trapped kitten from the bowels of the car.

Body Camera Footage Shows The Full Rescue

Lieutenant Damon Radcliffe, Sergeant Brandon Williams, and Deputy Corbin Armstrong, were the deputies dispatched for the rescue.

Later, the York-Poquoson Sheriff’s Office posted a clip to their Facebook of the kitten’s rescue. They snipped it from the available body camera footage, which runs for 30 minutes.

Within the short clip, you can see the deputies pulling the terrified kitten from the car. Kindly, the officers wrapped her up in a towel for warmth before placing her in the back of their cruiser.

From there, they took the kitten to the emergency vet to get a full checkup.

When asked for an update about where the kitten ended up, the sheriff’s office posted that one of their local dispatchers adopted her.

On this fateful Saturday evening, this little kitten, who was just searching for a warm bit of lodging, managed to find herself a new home and a new name — Winnie.

Cats Hide In Car Engine Bays Fairly Often

(Stock Picture Credit: Dmitry Nogaev/Getty Images)

Often, in the winter, lost kittens will seek out warmth. A cooling engine bay certainly provides that, with the added bonus of providing a rather formidable shelter. Sometimes even momma cats, searching for a place to stash their kittens, will choose this location.

I’m speaking here from personal experience. A kitten I acquired as a child was found in the engine bay of my stepdad’s truck, along with four siblings. Lucky me, I got to keep him.

Remember to always check your car for hiding cats and kittens in the colder months where you live. CatTime also has a guide to caring for stray and feral cats in the winter here!

Have you ever found a kitten like Winnie stuck in a car’s engine bay? Do you make sure to check your car for hiding cats in cold weather? Then let us know in the comments below.

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