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Henry The Hospital Cat Brings Comfort To Patients & Staff

Henry the Hospital Cat is a true British treasure. After pretty much making a Cambridge hospital his second home, this dapper, ginger feline has prospered in a role as a self-appointed, in-house therapy and comfort cat — and he’s also cultivated a Facebook following to boot.

Henry’s story begins when his humans caught wind of his fondness for sauntering off out of his official home to spend time roaming the halls of the nearby Addenbrooke’s Hospital.

Once inside the walls of the hospital, Henry began to comfort and soothe some of the facility’s many patients. That includes those who were there during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Most Popular Hospital Helper

“Only animals that support our patients are allowed inside the hospital,” a member of the hospital’s security squad told the BBC.

“They have to have a harness and fluorescent strips. But Henry does a great job just putting a smile on a grumpy person in the morning, or brings out a smile from a teenager in a wheelchair.”

As Henry’s reputation has spread throughout Cambridge, his social media presence has also bloomed. At the time of writing, Henry’s Facebook page boasts nearly 5,000 followers. His fans delight in keeping track of his calming antics.

So How Does One Become A Therapy Cat?

(Stock Picture Credit: Konstantin Aksenov / EyeEm/Getty Images)

Henry might hold a status as an unofficial therapy cat, but have you ever wondered what becoming a therapy cat actually involves? Some of the key requirements are as follows:

  • Therapy cats are certified by reputable organizations, which often partner with the ASPCA.
  • A combination of a series of questions and an interview is usually required as part of the process to become a therapy cat.
  • Most therapy cats need to be over the age of one and up to date with all vaccinations.
  • Therapy cats are often required to wear a leash while out and about, for their own safety.

You can find out more about the therapy cat qualification process with our guide here!

Have you ever benefitted from a therapy cat like Henry? What do you think about Henry’s exploits? Let us know in the comments below!

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