Sphynx kitten is standing on its hind legs and holding onto a woman’s
(Picture Credit: Cavan Images/Getty Images)

Cat Facts: 6 Fascinating Facts About Hairless Cats

October 14th is officially known as Be Bald And Free Day. It’s a special celebration for humans of the less hirsute variety, but it’s also a smart prompt to take a peek into the very distinctive world of hairless cats.

Hairless cats can be pretty controversial. Some people love the bald look, but others are put off by felines with no fur. We true cat lovers believe all kitties deserve love, regardless of how much hair they have!

In honor of naturally bald cats across the world, here are six things you need to know about hairless felines.

Do you have any other facts to share about hairless kitties? Are you celebrating Be Bald And Free Day with a follicle-ly challenged cat? Let us know in the comments below!

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