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How To Take Cute Kitty Photos That Are IG Worthy

Every cat parent loves to take photos of their beloved feline and share them with their friends. But have you ever been scrolling through your Instagram feed and come across a friend’s post of their cat that just doesn’t do the kitty justice?

Never fear! There are a few simple tips that can really help ramp up the quality of your Instagram cat photos and increase those coveted likes.

Here are some effective ways to take cute kitty photos that are Instagram worthy.

Turn Off The Flash

The very first thing you’ll want to do to up the quality of your Instagram cat photos is to turn off the flash on your phone or camera. Unnecessary use of the flash can result in harsh tones and often make your feline look like they’re starring in some sort of low budget horror movie.

Instead, learn to use natural light to capture your feline in the most flattering fashion. And if possible, try and snap your kitty while they’re by a window and bathed in sunlight.

Get Rid Of Clutter

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When taking social media photos of your cat, think about what’s around the kitty too. If there’s a lot of clutter, it’s going to distract from the feline focus of the photo.

Also, remember to consider what’s behind the cat. No one wants to see a pile of dirty dishes or an open toilet in the pic!

Find A Plain Backdrop

Plain walls work great as backdrops for cat photographs. They allow the cat to shine and really pop out in the pic.

If you have the time and resources, it’s also super easy to use a plain sheet of construction paper as a backdrop to your feline photo session. Just tape it to the wall and then pull it down when you’re done.

Get Tricky With Treats

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Cats are finicky creatures, and it’s rarely easy to make sure they’re posing properly for a photo. So make cunning use of toys or treats to trick them into looking at the camera or phone!

Just make sure that you’re ready to snap away quickly.

Get On Your Cat’s Level

When taking photos of cats, it’s often useful to crouch down so that you and the camera are on the same sort of level as the kitty.

This way, you’ll produce far more natural looking images that also have the benefit of showing off the cat in their most graceful positions.

Use Filters Conservatively

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Finally, once you’ve taken a photograph of your cat that you think is ready to be shared on Instagram, be careful about adding filters to the pic. It’s very easy to end up with an overly-saturated image that doesn’t flatter your cat!

Keep it as natural as possible, and only use editing tools to tweak a few small details.

Do you have any top tips for taking eye-catching photos of your cat? Do you ever post your cat’s photos to your Instagram account? Tell us all about it in the comments below!


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