5 People Who Adopted Less Adoptable Cats And Never Regretted It

In honor of Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week, we’re sharing 5 stories of cat owners who adopted less adoptable cats and found out these special cats were the purrrfect fit for their homes! Don’t be surprised if these stories inspire you to make similar adoption choices in the future. That’s exactly what we are hoping for!

1. Hunter And Jayden

Nancie Lynne Vollmar and her husband have 11 “fur babies,” including three special needs animals: a dog, Jeni, and two cats, Hunter and Jayden. Hunter is a purebred, doll-faced Persian with only three legs. Nancie told CatTime that she and her husband wondered how Hunter, at 16 weeks, would do with their other active pets, but they took a chance and adopted him. He fit in perfectly and didn’t let anything stop him! “He did have some missteps and realized early on he couldn’t get on tabletops or counters,” Nancie said, “but he was smart and found a way whenever possible, by climbing on chairs or sofas that sat close.” They’ve made things easier for Hunter by having wide pet stairs in front windows and the bed, and high-sided litterboxes with low entrances. She said he’s no more work than a regular cat, barely costs more to care for, and is super social and always purring. Their great experience with Hunter encouraged them to adopt Jayden, a flat-faced Persian who’s partially blind in one eye and was sick and malnourished when adopted. Now, Jayden jumps, snags insects, and chases red dots like any other cat!

Nancie is a big proponent of adopting special needs cats. She said it takes commitment and home adjustments, but it’s worth it. “Don’t overlook special needs or senior animals needing a loving home,” she said. “These babies are the most appreciative, loving animals on the earth. It doesn’t take a special person to adopt a special needs or senior pet, it just takes you.”

2. Monty The Sweet Cat With A Chromosomal Abnormality

Mikala Klein and Michael Bjørn, from Denmark, adopted Monty back in August 2013. In an interview with CatTime, Mikala talked about how much they love Monty and are so glad they opened their home for a special needs cat. Monty has a chromosomal abnormality that causes his face to look different from normal cats (but still very cute!) His bladder also sometimes leaks, especially when he’s asleep, so they keep a soft pee pad underneath him. Monty is a sweet and loving cat that has a lot of fun. For example, Mikala told CatTime that every morning, he meows to be put on the top shelf of their closet. He likes to hang out there for awhile, surveying the world, and then meows to be taken down.

Mikala advises others who are considering adopting a special needs cat to just do it! “It can be tough, I will tell you that,” Mikala said. “But in the end it’s all worth it. You get so much love in return.”

3. Ralphee And Max

Ralphee has feline cerebellar hypoplasia. This rare condition means the cerebellum is underdeveloped at birth, so the cat’s head “wobbles” frequently and she may walk like she’s drunk. The condition doesn’t get worse and may actually improve. These cats also have the same life expectancy as any other cat.

Ralphee was rescued from a horse stable and brought to his owner’s home in Queensland, Australia. The owner (who hasn’t been named), said that their dog Max adopted Ralphee almost immediately and always looks out for him. Ralphee likes to cause trouble and Max is very protective. The duo has become an Internet sensation and the owner doesn’t regret the decision to rescue the cute little kitten! You can see a video of Ralphee and Max from when Max was just five weeks old here.

4. Caffrey The Amazing Two-Legged Cat

Caffrey, a black Persian, is an absolutely amazing cat that can run around with just two legs. He brings a lot of joy to his owner, Sue Greaves, who cared for him and provided the best home possible for more than a decade. When she first adopted him, he only had three legs after being hit by a car. But after about 10 years, he had a malignant growth on one of his three legs and had to have it amputated. Sue was terrified that he wouldn’t be able to get around, but within just days of his surgery, Caffrey had figured out how to balance and run around the garden on his own. She said that he doesn’t seem bothered at all by just having two legs.

5. Oskar The Blind Cat

Oskar’s owners love Oskar so much that they devoted a Facebook page to him that now has more than 200,000 followers! Oskar is a blind cat with severe microphthalmia, which prevented his eyes from fully developing. He was adopted at about 2 months old. Despite being blind, the cat is happy and leads a full life. The owners say that he functions perfectly in their home and many people who visit don’t even realize that he can’t see!

Have you adopted a less adoptable cat? We’d love for you to share photos and your story with us in the comments, on our Facebook page or on Twitter.