Get Motivated By This Obese Cat’s Before And After Weight Loss Pictures

Battling cat obesity can be hard. This is especially true if your cat has slowly gained weight due to a sedate indoor lifestyle and now decides to whine and act up if you try and decrease her food.

But a before and after picture posted to Reddit shows that with a little patience and perseverance cat obesity can be tackled successfully.

The cat in question is called Kato and he was adopted as a rescue a couple of years ago. As you can see from the photo below, back in December of 2015, Kato weighed in at a whopping 21 pounds.

(Picture Credit: Reddit User Mavagam99)

Fast forward to August of 2018, however, and Kato’s slimmed down to just under a trim ten pounds. Not bad going for an indoor cat.

How did Kato overcome his case of cat obesity? Well, according to his owner, who posts on Reddit under the name Mavagam99, this is the magic method:

“All I really did was portion his food and made sure he didn’t eat more. I just used the normal dry food you’d get from a grocery store. He doesn’t respond well to wet food.”

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

If Kato’s before and after pictures have inspired you to begin tackling your own instance of cat obesity, check out our guide to understanding the issues and getting started on putting your cat on a healthier eating regime.

Have you helped your cat lose weight? We’d love to hear your methods and tactics and see pics of your sweet kitty before and after.

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