Cat going blind
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How To Tell If Your Cat Is Going Blind

Cats have excellent eyesight, and they rely on their super sharp vision to prosper in the environment they live in, whether that’s outdoors or inside. But in some cases, felines can develop blindness, especially as they get older.

There are a few signs you can look for to help you find out if your cat’s vision is deteriorating. Of course, if you suspect your cat might be going blind, you must consult your veterinarian right away. Regular vet checkups can also help detect and treat eye problems early.

Here’s how to stay on top of finding out if your cat might be going blind or experiencing eye issues.

Watch Your Cat’s Behavior & Check Their Eyes

Cat squinting through blind
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The most obvious way you might discover your cat is losing their sight is if you notice them becoming clumsy while going about their day to day activities.

Specific things to look out for include:

  • Misjudging attempts to jump up or down from furniture or cat trees.
  • Seeming like they’re bumping into furniture around the house that has always been in the same space.
  • Looking like they’re walking around in a wary and unbalanced state.
  • Seeming disoriented while trying to look for their food bowls or litter box.

Beyond clumsiness, you can look closely at your cat’s eyes to see if anything seems amiss. In particular, one of your cat’s pupils might appear bigger or smaller than the other, which can signal the onset of blindness.

Squinting can also be a sign to watch out for. Redness around the eyes or the eyes looking cloudy can be warning signs that should be brought up with your vet, too.

If you notice your cat meowing more, that can be an indicator that the cat is in distress and attempting to communicate this to you for help.

Finally, as a quick test, move a favorite toy up and down in front of your cat. If the cat doesn’t seem to recognize the presence and movement of the toy, that might mean blindness has become an issue.

How Should You Care For A Blind Cat?

Cat squinting through the window
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First of all, when it comes to caring for a blind cat, you must seek out advice from your vet. They can help guide you through the process. And remember, a blind cat can still live out a loving and healthy life!

You might be advised to switch up your home environment so that it’s easier for the blind cat to make their way up onto a favorite chair or sleeping spot.

Clutter in the house is also something to avoid. Keep things open and clear so your cat can move around without bumping into anything.

Finally, it’s prudent to give any cat with blindness or visibility issues a name tag that documents the ailment. If they happen to get lost or end up at an emergency vet, this will help whoever finds them know what to expect.

Do you have experience with caring for a blind cat? Did you see any signs that they were losing their vision? Tell us your top tips in the comments section below!

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