The 10 trendiest dog and cat names has released a list of the top 10 trendiest names for a male and female dogs and cats. The idea for the list came while researchers were putting together the most popular pet names. During this process, they started noticing certain trends, as particular nicknames became more prominent in their data. How many pets do you know with any of these monikers?

Dog (male):Dog (female):Cat (male):Cat (female):
1. Bentley1. Lola1. Dexter1. Lola
2. Diesel2. Stella2. Cooper2. Stella
3. Tank3. Luna3. Louie3. Izzy
4. Marley4. Nala4. Loki4. Zoey
5. Milo5. Izzy5. Henry5. Lulu
6. Gunner6. Layla6. Teddy6. Luna
7. Louie7. Lulu7. Marley7. Nala
8. Thor8. Ellie8. Tucker8. Penny
9. Cooper9. Piper9. Ziggy9. Ruby
10. Leo10. Mia10. Winston10. Willow