10 Excited Cats Open Christmas Presents [VIDEO]

Opening presents on Christmas morning can be a very exciting time. However, make sure you don’t leave your kitty out of the gift giving experience because they are a part of your family after all! Not only will your cat feel more loved and a part of the family, but their reaction is priceless and will definitely make your Christmas ten times better. You are going to want to have the video camera ready because when cats open presents, they do it in very dramatic fashion shall we say. Merry Christmas to you and your cats!

1. Cat Opens Catnip Christmas Present

Toka is very excited about his Christmas present because inside the wrapping there happens to be a very special gift, catnip! Toka is an extremely smart kitty and instead of looking to his owners to see what he should do, he figures out exactly what he has to do all by himself. After a few seconds of trial and error, Toka holds down the presents and rips it open with his teeth. He opens his gift all by himself and is very happy with the result. The best part is his fellow cat friend just lounges and stretches in the background, as if he knows not to get involved with Toka’s present.

2. Three Cats Open Christmas Stockings

It is Christmas morning for these cats, which can only mean one thing, it’s time to open their stockings of course. Their owner has decorated three personalized stockings for his kitties, but once the cats start tearing into their stockings, the decorations don’t seem to matter. They start ripping and tearing the stockings, as cats do of course. Of course being cats and all, they seem to be more interested in the decorations on the stockings themselves then the actual toys.

3. Cat’s First Christmas Present

It’s Wampa the kitty’s first Christmas and first time opening her Christmas present. However, Wampa has to share Christmas with her doggie friend, which means opening presents becomes a team effort shall we say. When Wampa goes to open her gift, her dog friend is right there ready to be of assistance. After some team effort and back and forth, Wampa and her dog friend eventually work together to open Wampa’s present. However, it seems that Wampa is more interested in playing with and attacking her friend than her actual present!

4. Cat Fiercely Opens Christmas Present

Charlie the cat is definitely ready for his Christmas present. He is not playing around with his gift and knows exactly what he wants and how he is going to get it. He doesn’t just calmly inspect his gift, but rather goes straight in for the kill. He starts biting and ripping and tearing the present, kicking it with his back legs like it’s a toy itself. Just like any other cat, he gets distracted along the way by the paper. However, in the end he gets his present and is just as excited about it as he was about actually opening it.

5. Baby Kitty Opens First Christmas Presents

This baby cat is experiencing opening Christmas presents for the first time and needs a little assistance. The first present he gets he is a bit unsure of what do, so his owners step in and help him tear it open, making the cat realize what Christmas presents are all about. By the time he gets the second present, he is ready to go. He immediately starts tearing into the present, ripping the paper all by himself, and of course making a huge mess in the process and he leaves shreds of paper everywhere. He was so excited though and it was his first Christmas, how can you be mad?

6. Determined Cat Opens His Present

Harvey the cat absolutely loves Christmas. He is determined to open his Christmas present no matter what. He is super focused and never takes his eyes off the prize. The way this cat opens presents shows just how much of a pro at Christmas he really is. Harvey has definitely opened many Christmas presents in the past based on his skill set. He never loses track of what his mission is and never gives up on his present. After lots of persistence, he has success! He definitely could teach some other cats the art of opening presents.

7. Two Cats Open Present Together

Frosti, the black and white kitty, and Choco, the white kitty, open their Christmas present with some teamwork. At first they both inspect the present with their noses, as cats do. After consulting together on what the next best move is to tackle the present, together they decide that maybe their owner should help them out. With some extra assistance, these two cats learn that the mystery item wrapped in the paper is actually something they want to play with after all, an infinity cat toy! Teamwork does pay off.

8. Cat Won’t Let Go Of Presents

Jasper the cat loves his Christmas present so much that he won’t let go. After successfully tearing into his gift and biting and ripping the paper, his owner wants to take the present so she can unhinge it from its package. Jasper however is probably thinking, “I worked so hard to open this present, please don’t take it away from me”! Jasper is so excited that he is already ready to play, but what he doesn’t realize is that the gift is still attached to the cardboard. His owner hilariously tries to pull it away, but alas does not succeed. Jasper amusingly does not realize that she is only trying to help.

9. Bengal Cat Opens Christmas Presents

It’s time for Fendi the Bengal cat to open his Christmas presents. However, instead of just opening his present, Fendi turns the actual opening into a game itself. As he rips open the present, he decides it’s more fun to bite and chew the paper rather than continue opening his present. The struggle of every owner is whether their cat would rather have paper for Christmas than their actual gift! For his second present, Fendi won’t open the present unless it’s made into a game of course, so his owner hides under the present and makes it move, tempting Fendi to attack the present. I mean, a present is not fun to a cat unless it’s moving, right?

10. Cat Attacks His Christmas Present

This cat is not messing around with Christmas. He doesn’t just open his present peacefully, but instead starts attacking it like it is some type of creature he’s trying to kill! He holds on to the present like it’s his prey, wagging his tail, kicking it with his back legs, and biting it ferociously. Don’t get this cat something expensive for Christmas because otherwise you will be wasting your money. Any gift that gets into this cat’s paws will be instantaneously destroyed.

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