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Crazy Cat Lady: 5 Tips For The Purrfect Last Minute Halloween Costume

Ah, the stereotypical Crazy Cat Lady. While some cat lovers may feel uncomfortable with the title of Crazy Cat Lady (or Crazy Cat Dude), there are others who choose to lean into it.

Most cat owners consider themselves Crazy Cat Ladies 365 days a year, and Halloween is as good of a time to show it off as ever.

If you are looking for a last minute costume to put together for Halloween and you love cats, here are some easy ideas to put together a Crazy Cat Lady costume.

1. You Must Have At Least Three Cats On You

To establish your Crazy Cat Lady-ness, you need to go beyond simply having one cat or a pair of cats. Having three or more cats pushes you across the invisible threshold of “really into cats” to “Crazy Cat Lady.”

Feel free to add more than a dozen plush cats to make your costume go the extra mile.

2. Carry All Of The Crazy Cat Lady’s Gear


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Crazy Cat Ladies love cats so much that they have all the equipment–and more–needed to keep their home a happy one for cats.

Laser pointer? Check. Litter scooper? Double check.

Add various cat toys, a lint roller, and maybe a bit of (clean) litter stuck to the bottom of your slippers to make an authentic Crazy Cat Lady costume.

3. Throw On A Robe

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In almost all iterations of the Crazy Cat Lady costume, the Crazy Cat Lady is wearing a robe.

Has she given up on dressing herself because cat fur will get everywhere anyway? Have her clothes become comfy resting places for her dozens of kitties? Does she wear a fluffy robe to protect herself from the affectionate kneading of kitty paws?

No one may know, but somehow, wearing a robe is a Crazy Cat Lady costume staple.

4. Add Flair With Hair Rollers


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The Crazy Cat Lady archetype is always wearing rollers in her hair, no matter what time of day or whether or not she plans on going out later.

Chances are no, she isn’t planning on going out later, because she plans on combing out her Maine Coon kitty’s fur that evening.

If you have long enough hair, rollers will intensify the craziness of your Cat Lady costume.

5. Go All Out With Your Make Up


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One of the reasons Crazy Cat Ladies love cats so much is because of their grace, independence, and style.

A Crazy Cat Lady adheres to no trend or beauty standard, but rather paints her face exactly how she pleases. Bright blue eye shadow, dramatic eyeliner, ruby red lips–wear whatever colors you feel expertly reflect your Crazy Cat Lady-ness.

Have you ever been a Crazy Cat Lady for Halloween? Do you already have the accessories for the costume this year? Let us know and share photos down in the comments below!

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