Cats As Human Protectors?


We’ve all seen the “Super Cat” video, where a feline saves a boy from a dog attack. I know each cat is special, with their own unique personality, but is there any to explain why the cat acted this way? Was it the dog invading her territory, or was she actually trying to stop the attack and defend a family member?


I believe the cat was protecting the child and kept the child from becoming seriously hurt. We know a little bit about the cat’s history and that she is very attached to the child. My understanding is that the cat followed the family home and adopted them. It was reported that she was very bonded to the little boy, starting when the child was an infant.

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this type of protective behavior. I have done cat behavior consultations where the cat has become very protective towards a specific family member, chasing away other animals and people the cat perceived as threats to his favorite person.

A few months ago I worked on one consultation with a cat who was very protective of his person. The cat and his person were very attached to each other. The woman, being older, had caregivers come to her house a couple of times a day to help her with things like taking a shower and cooking. Whenever a caregiver would touch his person, the cat would become fractious and chase the person away.

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