Close up of grey tabby cat sitting on desk next to computer and loudspeaker.
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Fur Laughs: Watch A Cute Kitten Try To Catch Music Sound Waves [VIDEO]

Can cats “see” music? Apparently this one can! Watch as she tries to “catch” the sound waves from The Sound of Violence by Cassius in the video above.

Some people might be worried that the music is hurting the kitten’s ears, but the kitty seems more curious than frightened or irritated. She seems to be having a good time investigating all the strange vibrations, especially when the bass kicks in.

That said, please be careful if you’d like to play music for your cat too. Keep it at a reasonable volume. Cats have great hearing. In fact, there are a lot of amazing facts about cat ears that you may not know!

Facts About Your Cat’s Ears

(Picture Credit: Mint Images/Getty Images)

We have a whole article full of facts about your cat’s ears here! But if you want the highlights, here are our favorite cat ear facts:

  • Cat ears have 32 muscles that help them rotate 180 degrees.
  • Cats hear better than dogs. A dog’s range of hearing is from 67 to 45,000 hertz, whereas a cat’s range is an impressive 45 to 64,000 hertz!
  • Cats have fluid in their inner ears that helps them balance and always land on their feet.
  • Cats’ ears can tell you how the kitty is feeling. Erect, twitching ears can signal that your cat is either annoyed by something you’re doing or trying to figure out where a certain sound is coming from.
  • When kittens are born, the ear canals are closed. Kittens are deaf until they’re about a week old when the ear canals open.

Remember to keep your cat’s ears healthy! Regularly check them for debris, injuries, parasites, or signs of infection, and keep up with vet visits. If your cat has white or lightly-colored fur, you may want to apply pet sunscreen on their ears in summer so they don’t get sunburned.

Does your cat ever try to catch music? Are they as sensitive to vibrations as the kitten in the video? Let us know in the comments below!

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