Kittens playing in cat basket
(Picture Credit: Konrad Wothe/Getty Images)

5 Ways To Help A Cat Who’s Lonely But Hates Other Cats

My sister recently came to me with an interesting predicament. Her cat, Kiko, seemed lonely. She tried to introduce her cat to other cats in the past — my shy calico, Pookie, included — and things did not go well.

Kiko is highly territorial, and she hisses at other cats and keeps her distance. A lot of distance. If forced into a more contained area, Kiko will assert dominance, hiss, and cry until the other cat is removed or vice versa.

And yet, my sister tells me Kiko seems bored and lonely by herself. She will sometimes get into minor destructive habits, like knocking little knick-knacks off of the dresser, or cry at my sister when she’s not giving 100 percent of her attention.

So what’s a person to do when their cat would definitely benefit from some social interaction but is hellbent on being a rebel loner? Here are a few tips to help slowly but safely introduce your lonely cat to the idea of socialization and other boredom-busters.

Do you have a loner rebel of a cat? What do you do to make sure they stay mentally stimulated and properly socialized? Let us know in the comments below!

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