Cat chasing bubbles
(Picture Credit: Richard Newstead / Getty Images)

National Bubble Week: Watch These 5 Cute, Funny Cats Attack Bubbles! [VIDEOS]

Nestled among all the hashtag holidays that pop up during the month of March is a little something called National Bubble Week. It happens in the second full week of March every year.

This esteemed celebration originated in the year 2000 and is intended to shine a little light on the joy of bubbles, which is also something that cats have shown themselves to be remarkably curious about.

Check out these five videos of cats getting to grips with the world of bubbles.

1. Perch & Punch

Leo is a distinguished cat who has taken a very leisurely approach to battling the stream of bubbles that his human insists on blowing his way.

While perched on the top of his cat tree, Leo swats and bats the offending bubbles away with a nonchalant charm.

2. A Case Of The Catnip Bubbles

Did you know that you can purchase catnip-infused bubbles for your cat to play with?

They’re totally safe and non-toxic, although some felines, like the plush-haired chap captured in video above, will always approach the bubbles with a sense of wary intrigue.

3. Defend The Base

Watch this spritely tuxedo cat go! There’s no chance that any incessant, invading bubbles will make their way past this athletic defender of the realm.

Bonus marks for getting up on his hind legs to strike down any airborne catnip bubbles attempting to sail by.

4. Double Team Dream

This video of Cole and Marmalade, who are a couple of social media-savvy cats, went viral.

As you’ll see, these two kitties find it impossible to stop chasing those catnip bubbles.

5. Slow & Low

Finally, check out this slow motion video that showcases just how dedicated our feline friends can be when it comes to hunting down and batting away all of the bubbles.

Does your own cat enjoy playing with catnip bubbles? Are you going to blow any bubbles for your kitty during National Bubble Week? Then let us know about it the comments below!


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