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International Guitar Month: Check Out These Funny Cats On Amps

If you’re into guitars, you’ll be pleased to know that April is officially recognized as International Guitar Month. The purpose of this special month is to encourage music lovers to pick up a guitar and start strumming along to their favorite anthems.

But over in the social media world, the occasion is being co-opted by cats, who have decided to interact with their owners’ amps in a very feline way.

Check out these five entertaining cases of a little something called “cats on amps” in honor or International Guitar Month.

1. An Amplified Way Of Snoozing


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First up, you can probably guess the main way that cats are taking over their humans’ amplifiers.

Yep, our feline friends are happy to snooze while lounging on top of an amp. Let’s just hope this ginger kitty is prepared to be woken up in a very noisy fashion.

2. Lil Bub Loves Amps


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Check out this photo of the world famous Lil Bub getting in on the International Guitar Month action by posing with his human’s Ampeg B-15 amplifier.

Rock on, Bub!

3. Amps Turned Into Cat Beds


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Here’s a great example of repurposing something in a feline-friendly fashion. Over at the Allred Guitars store in Phoenix, amplifiers are being hollowed out and turned into stylish cat beds!

Bonus style points for the cat ears added to the design.

4. Enter The Tibetan Singing Bowl


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Bold claim: The Tibetan singing bowl precariously balanced on top of a slender CD cabinet next to an amp probably won’t make it through the practice session in one piece due to the efforts of this curious kitty.

5. Elevated Snooze Station


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Finally, here’s a conundrum for the ages: Cat bed or soundproofing?

Does your own cat find your amp intriguing? Tell us about it and post a picture in the comments section below!

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