Is radio host against spay and neuter surgery too?

This article is not about Rush Limbaugh. Any resemblance to persons or animals, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Trixie was just your average Chihuahua going in for a routine spay. But in a move that stunned breeders and shelter administrators alike, radio host Brush Limppaw told listeners yesterday that Trixie was nothing more than a “loose lap dog” who wants to be paid to gain access to co-ed doggie daycare.

His harsh words didn’t stop there. “Trixie shows up for spay surgery at the county animal control clinic, expecting tax payers and shelter donors to subsidize her birth control,” Limppaw sneered. “Pups from her last litter went to three different homes — she couldn’t care for them on her own! And now she wants our permission to prance — unleashed! — around the dog park? I bet she doesn’t even wear a collar.”

Veterinarians fired back, citing a variety of health and behavioral advantages to both spay and neuter surgery. Animal welfare advocates weighed in also, claiming that fewer dog pregnancies would lead to fewer stray animals and less euthanasia. All of which, they argue, would ease the burden on taxpayers and reduce tensions around many of the ethical issues regarding the care of shelter animals.

But Limppaw stuck to his guns, refusing to acknowledge that Trixie and her pack of fur-i-nazis would benefit from widespread spaying and neutering. He went on to call her a “prostipooch” and a “bitch” (which, technically, is not inaccurate).

“If I’m going to foot the bill for this type of nonsense, I at least want to see a video of her chasing her tail,” he said. “Or dressed up in one of those hilarious Yoda costumes.”

Trixie, for her part, was unperturbed by Limppaw’s controversial statements. “I’m usually a big fan of his radio show,” she was quoted as saying. “This whole thing is just some crazy fluke.”

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