Study ranks the best & worst U.S. cities for pets

How hospitable is your city to pets? According to, a social network dedicated to helping people make sound financial decisions, Cincinnati, Ohio, is the best city in the U.S. for four-legged friends.

In ranking the 100 cities in America, the site used three primary factors with 14 corresponding sub-categories — budget (veterinary costs, dog insurance); healthcare and wellness (such as pet-friendly hotels and restaurants); and outdoor (parks, trails, weather) — to determine the standing of each area.

The top 10 cities are as follows:

1Cincinnati, Ohio3816
2Las Vegas, Nevada19176
3Scottsdale, Arizona95116
4Irvine, California70226
5Sacramento, California39154
6Atlanta, Georgia17639
7Tampa, Florida58142
8St. Louis, Missouri132125
9Orlando, Florida51538
10Glendale, Arizona61441

The top 100 overall rankings are reflected on the interactive map below (the smaller the circle, the higher the rank):


Map courtesy of WalletHub

The complete list of 100 cities and rankings in the sub-categories can be found at

Sources: WalletHub, AZCentral