Cat Lovers Holiday Gift Guide: Gadgets, Contraptions, And Keepsakes

Gift ideas for the cat lover who keeps up with the latest in technology, trends, and top-notch design:

Tagg—The Pet Tracker


Tagg isn’t just about finding a lost pet, it’s designed so you don’t lose him in the first place. The lightweight GPS tracker attaches to most collars and lets you locate and track your pet using a map on your computer or mobile device. With advanced GPS tracking technology, it allows you to see where your pet is and receive a text and email if he wanders off. It’s stylish, simple to use, and could be a real lifesaver.

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Kitty Coin Purse


Tired of coins floating all over your purse? Get this adorable kitty coin purse and you won’t have to worry about that anymore plus every time you take out a coin you’ll smile.

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Perfect Arch Grooming Toy


You can see why this is a #1 top seller on Amazon. Cats love it and it helps to keep them groomed. Everybody wins!

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Remote Control Mouse Toy


Wanna have some serious fun with your kitty? Try this remote control mouse!

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Electronic Pet Massager


Humans aren’t the only species that enjoy a little bit of pampering by massage. And an electronic pet massager not only works to relieve sore muscles and joints, it promotes healthy skin and a shiny coat. Perhaps this season’s most economical treat.

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Electronic Cat Feeder


Never worry about Daylight Savings Time again! Set it and forget it. Kitty can get her breakfast on time and you can sleep in.

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Top Of The Line Litter Robot


Tired of cleaning up your litter box? I speak from experience because I own a Litter Robot. Sure it costs a bit more than other electronic litter boxes but it really works and lasts for many, many years. Plus, what kitty doesn’t want to do his or her business in a little Deathstar?

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What are your favorite kitty gadgets? Share in the comments.






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