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Fur Laughs: These 7 Funny Cats Aren’t Impressed By Their Humans’ Shenanigans [VIDEOS]

Sometimes cats don’t get the subtle nuances of your eccentricities. Everyone’s a critic these days, and our felines are no exception.

Maybe you’re the type of person who creates giant novelty products, or maybe you like to stack things on top of other things like a never-ending game of Jenga. But no matter how fascinating you think you’re being, your cat just doesn’t care and would probably prefer that you stop.

Here are a few cats who couldn’t care less about the super-interesting human world we live in.

1. Cat Stacks

Toby doesn’t mind his human’s habit of stacking items on his back. In fact, he doesn’t even feel like waking out of his cat nap.

At one point, he looks up at his human as if to say, “What are you… oh, never mind. I don’t care.” Then he goes back to snoozing.

When he finally wakes up, he shakes everything off and gives a nice, well-rested cat stretch.

2. Cat Music Is For The Birds

Sometimes science gives us things we didn’t ask for, like music for cats. This cat parent decided to test that music by playing it for her feline friend.

But the kitty couldn’t be more bored by the so-called cat music. In fact, she’s bored by all sounds coming from the speakers.

From The Beatles to cat fight noises, this kitty does not care to be a participant in the experiment at all.

3. Whoopie-Dee-Doo

This cat parent proudly claims to have created the world’s largest whoopie cushion and demonstrates it by flopping on top of it.

Amidst the rude noises, the cat has a look on her face that says so much. It conveys exasperation, boredom, and resignation, as if to say, “Yes this happens all the time. This is what I put up with.”

4. Even A Baby Can Do It

Smudge’s tolerance for tomfoolery is astronomical. He lets baby Emily play her little cup stacking game on his back without any protest. And when baby gets a bit rough, he lets it go.

Though it seems like towards the end of the video, he’s looking to see where he can get a little more catnip to deal with the tiny human.

If you have a baby at home, maybe don’t let them be so rough with the pets. Kids need to learn early that every animal has a limit.

5. Beethoven Who?

Some cats just don’t appreciate classical music. This cat certainly isn’t impressed by it.

He slams the cover over the keys, mid-concert, nearly smashing his human’s fingers while he’s at it. Everybody’s a critic.

Maybe he would prefer something a little more contemporary. Try playing some Billie Eilish.

6. Cat Watching Cat Watching Cat

“Nyan Cat” was an internet sensation a few years back, but as this video demonstrates, real cats barely care about that.

The kitten watching the viral video shows mild, fleeting interest, but the cat watching the video of the kitten watching “Nyan Cat” is even less interested.

It’s like cat Inception, where each layer of cat gets more bored by whatever humans are forcing them to watch.

7. Kitty Cat Crash

The cute kittens in this video are unwilling subjects of a slow-motion crash test, but they’re along for the ride. They don’t seem too thrilled about it, but they aren’t making much of a protest either.

We expect these kittens are going to grow into cats who are just used to this sort of behavior from their human, and they still won’t be impressed.

What odd things do you do that your cat couldn’t care less about? Does your kitty ever participate in your shenanigans? Let us know in the comments below!

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