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World Jump Day: 22 Amazing Cats In Flight [PICTURES]

World Jump Day is celebrated on July 20th of each year. What the heck is World Jump Day, you ask?

The unofficial holiday started back in 2006 when an artist named Torsten Lauschmann suggested that if enough people on one side of the planet jumped at the same time, it would change Earth’s orbit and fight global warming.

No, it probably wasn’t meant to be taken seriously. The artist said it was an art installation. However, lots of people got in on the fun and participated. If you want to join in on the jump this year, then just jump at exactly 11:39:13 GMT to do your part!

Luckily, we’ve found some kitties who are ready and willing to get in on the fun of World Jump Day. Check out these felines in flight!

22 Cats In Flight For World Jump Day

Aren’t they glorious? These cats are exercising their natural abilities to jump so high and far that it seems as if they’re flying through the air like birds.

They’re doing their part to fight global warming — or they’re just jumping for joy. Whatever the case, we love our furry little jumping buddies.

Some cats can jump up to six times their length or over eight feet in a single bound! That’s why it’s important to keep valuables in cabinets and out of reach when you have a kitty at home.

Does your cat fly through the air? Will they be jumping high for World Jump Day? We’d love to see pics! Feel free to post them in the comments below!

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