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British Cat Wins Prestigious Award for Helping Deaf Parent

A feline friend from England is now the National Cat of the Year. Zebby, a Moggy cat, received the award for helping his deaf pet parent with “hearing.”

Cat wins award for assisting deaf cat mom

Zebby has not received formal training as a service animal or therapy cat, yet his help is invaluable to his 66-year-old pet parent, Genevieve Moss. When the phone rings or he hears a strange noise, Zebby taps her. When someone is at the door, Zebby paces in front of her. The black-and-white cat even retrieves Moss’ slippers and newspaper for her!

“He loves to be around me – wherever I am, he’s not far behind,” Moss said, according to Sky News.

Moss, who lives alone with Zebby in Derbyshire, said she “can’t imagine life without Zebby.” She added that their bond is “very close” and she considers him her “hero.”

“Without my hearing aid, I can’t hear anything, but now I have Zebby to help me,” Moss said. “He’ll come and tap me when the phone is ringing, and then I can pop my hearing aid and speaker on and take the call.”

Helpful cat receives accolades

The award is a long-overdue recognition of Zebby’s efforts. He beat out thousands of other cats from across England in the competition. A panel of celebrities — including veterinarian Dr. Scott Miller and former goalkeeper David Seaman — deemed Zebby the finest feline of them all.

“From the moment we read his entry form, we knew Zebby was something special,” Ashley Fryer, the award’s organizer, said. “Zebby is clearly devoted to Genevieve, and their story highlights the powerful bond that exists between people and their cats. He’s a shining example of the joy and comfort a cat can bring.”

Zebby didn’t just receive accolades and verbal praise for his actions, either. He won a prize package that included a pet store voucher worth over $200 as well as a trophy.

“I am so proud of Zebby for showing the world how intuitive and caring cats can be, and what a positive effect they can have on people’s lives,” Moss said. “I’m over the moon that he’s been honored in the National Cat Awards.”

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