Breastfeeding mother cat lying on the floor as several kittens suckle, a New Jersey woman surrendered 120 cats to animal control
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Elderly Woman Surrenders 120 Cats and Kittens

Multiple local rescues and shelters in Paterson, New Jersey teamed up with Animal Control to rescue 120 cats and kittens from a three-story home.

The mass rescue began after the overwhelmed owner — an elderly woman — called in asking to surrender the pets. Animal control officers with Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge (RBARI), Homeless Tails, and FOWA Rescue are working with Paterson Animal Control to remove the cats from the home.

Overwhelmed New Jersey woman calls rescue groups, surrenders 120 cats

Commenting on the large-scale rescue, John DeCando, the chief animal control officer in Paterson, told “It’s not like a place where you go inside and you find dead cats. This is not the situation here,” DeCando explained. “It is an elderly lady that got very overwhelmed, and with the help from these organizations everything should be OK.”

According to the news outlet, the animal control officers first focused on rescuing the vulnerable cats. These include the kittens, sick cats, and pregnant cats. Unfortunately, some of the felines suffer from neurological issues, blindness, and scarring in the eyes.

As of Wednesday, Feb. 21, rescuers had removed about 40 cats from the home, with around 80 left.

“The house is in deplorable condition. It’s one of the worst I’ve seen, “DeCando shared. “She fell in love with them all and did not have the heart to get rid of them. That is why it is so important to have these animals spayed and neutered.”

RBARI says they’re in need of adopters, fosters, and donations for the rescued felines, whom they describe as “sweet and friendly.” However, each cat requires medical care before they find a forever home.

The cats need to be vaccinated, receive treatment for parasitic infestations, and get microchipped. Furthermore, they need to undergo spaying or neutering and receive treatment for any health issue they’re suffering from.


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