Meet Luhu: The Saddest Kitten In The World

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We’ve all heard of Grumpy Cat but have you heard of the saddest kitten in the world?

Meet Luhu. You won’t see her on Twitter or anywhere else. She’s an Instagram exclusive…

Luhu, in addition to being a huge internet sensation, with followers almost in the six digits has the current title for being the saddest kitten in the world. She is not really sad, she was just born with one of the cutest, sweetest, most adorable, sad looking faces of all time.

Luhu resides in Beijing, the capital of China with her human Maggie Liu and two siblings, Bardie and Barher. The trio has a remarkable resemblance, but Luhu has one very distinguishing feature. Those eyes with a perpetual look of worry and sorrow.

Here is one of her early photos. Those little eyes are just starting to take shape.

I just want to cuddle her.

Luhu is like any regular cat. She finds interesting ways and places to sleep.

If you look through her videos, you will find that she is curious and plays games like any other cat.

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