A foal and kitten touch noses.
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Odd Animal Couples: 10 Cats Who Made Friends With Other Critters [VIDEOS]

Did you know cats can make friends with lots of other species? We humans might do well to take a lesson from them!

While cats may be commonly thought of as independent creatures who only care about themselves, the cats below prove that isn’t true at all.

Here are ten cats who’ve formed unusual friendships with other critters.

1. Cat & Pig Nap Together

Leonardo diCatzio, the two-year-old Ragdoll, is taking a nap with his best friend Moritz the pig.

You can definitely tell these two are best buddies as Leonardo is giving off very loud purrs. The two are cuddled up together, nice and cozy under the blanket.

That’s the definition of friendship.

2. Bird Wakes His Best Friend

While you might think a cat would rather attack than befriend a bird, think again.

This bird loves his buddy, Chama the American Shorthair, so much that he tries to wake him from his cat nap by giving him kisses over and over. Instead of attacking, the cat rolls over and shows his affection.

This loving relationship proves even so-called mortal enemies can be friends.

3. Massage Therapist Cat

Apparently this cat was a massage therapist in another life.

This is Puss, a black American Shorthair, and his daily routine includes giving his dog friend, Captain, a massage. You can tell Captain is enjoying it from the look on his face. He doesn’t even try to stop his cat pal; he just lets it happen.

But who wouldn’t want a massage from such a cute kitty?

4. Cat Loves His Bearded Dragon Buddy

Puppet and Puff have a very unique relationship.

A cat and bearded dragon is certainly a pair you wouldn’t think would be friends. These two have a daily routine of sunbathing and cuddling together.

They’re living the relaxing, easy-going life we all dream of.

5. Kitten Meets Hedgehog

Loki the kitten meets his friend Harley the hedgehog for the first time in this video.

The song “You Got A Friend In Me” from Toy Story is a perfect soundtrack for these two becoming buddies.

While Loki is a bit confused by his new spiky companion at first, these two are sure to be pals for a very long time.

6. Cats Lounge With A Snail

Now this is an odd pairing.

While lounging outside, a snail happens upon a pair of kitties and decides to hang out on one of the cats’ paws. The two felines are very gentle with the little guy and even give the snail kisses.

These cats like to take it slow, so they probably have lots in common with their new buddy.

7. Size Doesn’t Matter

Just because there’s a significant size difference between these two doesn’t mean they can’t be friends.

This cat and horse love to cuddle and snuggle together. It’s obvious the cat isn’t afraid of his big buddy as he keeps pushing up against him for snuggles.

This unlikely pair are sure to be BFFs for life.

8. Bunny Pillow

Being best buds comes with the added benefit of snuggling.

In this case, while cuddling with his bunny friend, the cat uses the bunny as his own personal pillow.

While the kitty seems pretty comfy, the bunny is — without a doubt — a very good friend for putting up with it.

9. Cat Adopts Ducklings

At first the humans were afraid their cat had attacked the ducklings in their barn, but it turns out the cat actually adopted the three tiny ducklings and took them in as her own.

This kitty had just become a mother to her own kittens and took in the three ducklings as part of her litter.

There is too much cute in this video to handle.

10. Cat & Mouse Become Best Friends

Ah, the classic case of the cat and mouse.

While these two animals have a very rough history, it is possible for there to be an exception. Take the case of Huan the cat and Jerry the mouse.

These two are truly inseparable and have a very loving relationship. While it may be hard to believe, these two are actually friends.

They love to cuddle and eat dinner together and even give each other baths.

Which animal pair from this list is your favorite? Does your cat have an unusual critter pal? Let us know in the comments below!

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