Cat and Baby Chicks Together on Sofa
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Daily Dose Of Cute: Mama Cat Takes Good Care Of Her Baby — Chickens? [VIDEO]

A cat named Elsa on a Swedish farm didn’t have kittens of her own. But that didn’t stop her maternal instinct from taking over. She decided to adopt some babies instead — only they weren’t baby kitties. They were cute, fuzzy baby chickens, freshly hatched from their eggs. Watch the cute video above!

Elsa’s human, Ingela Ljung, decided to hatch the two chickens in an incubator for the week of Easter. A school class was having a field trip to the farm that week, and Ljung wanted to have some chicks to show the kids.

After the baby birds hatched, Elsa heard them chirping and began walking and meowing loudly. Ljung thought the one-year-old cat might have wanted to eat the chickens, but she decided that maybe if Elsa could get a closer look, she would calm down.

Instead of eating the chicks, Elsa picked one up like she would a kitten, carried it to the couch, and began licking it. Ljung gave Elsa the other chick, and she did the same thing. She even encouraged them to suckle and got a little frustrated when they wouldn’t.

But Ljung says that Elsa wouldn’t stop purring and treating the newborns very lovingly. A mother’s love isn’t bound by things like species!

A lot of people think of cats as solitary animals, but that’s not always the case. In fact, many cats are outgoing and loving to people and other animals, as Elsa shows! Here are a few things you should know about the myth of the solitary cat.

Are Cats Solitary Pets?

(Picture Credit: HMVart/Getty Images)

Despite the cliché about cats preferring to be loners, we cat lovers know that our animals can actually be quite affectionate and loving!

Here are a few facts to know about cats before you judge them as solitary animals:

  • Cats don’t always take to newcomers right away. Many cats are cautious and hide when they see new people or animals. But once they have a chance to warm up, they’re more likely to investigate and interact.
  • Cats are more subtle than other animals, like dogs. They might rub against your leg to show affection, rather than jumping up and down or wagging their tails.
  • Cats can be demanding of affection too! Many cats will jump on laps, walk across keyboards, or sleep right on your pillow, covering your face just to get close to you.
  • Cats are individuals. Some prefer to have their own space, while others can make friends with everyone, including different species, like Elsa!

Keep in mind that if you plan to bring home a new animal pal for your cat, it’s best to let them meet each other before you fully commit. Even outgoing cats may not take to every new pet they meet. Go slowly and use caution when making introductions!

Do you think Elsa and her chicks make a cute family? Has your cat adopted any unusual “kittens”? Let us know in the comments below!

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