8 Special Needs Cats That Have The Internet Falling In Love With Them

Every cat deserves to be loved, and more people than ever are realizing that thanks to special needs cats who capture the hearts of fans all over the internet. These cats who that even though they have medical conditions that require extra care, they’re still just as loving, playful, and able to live happy lives as any other cat. Here are eight special needs cats that have the internet falling in love with them.

1. Watson

Watson is a real life Puss in Boots! He’s got a set of special prosthetic boots that help align his spine and prevent pain. Watson was born with radial hypoplasia, which causes deformed limbs, and he spent his first year of life taking a few tumbles. Now he gets around fine and is able to use the litter box on his own. Even though he may never be able to move as well as a cat without his condition, he’s getting plenty of love from his owner, Melanie Lusnak, who adopted him from a rescue group and wouldn’t give up on him, even when she was told the situation was hopeless. Watson’s story shows that even with a debilitating condition like his, there is still hope for a happy life.

2. Geordi Olive

Geordi Olive may be better known as “Wobbly Cat” because she has a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia. She gained fame on the internet when the Watauga Humane Society posted a video of her stumbling around. It was clear that Olive had no idea that she was any different from other cats, as she still loved to play like a kitten. Her viral video ended up getting her a home, as a couple that had experience with special needs cats adopted her. Now Olive is happily living her life. She still wobbles and can’t stay on her feet for long, but her adorable pictures and videos are getting plenty of love on Instagram. Her owners strongly advocate for getting special needs cats if you are up to the task.

3. Lil Bub

Lil Bub may be one of the most famous cats on the internet, and that may be in part because of how absolutely adorable she is. She’s come a long way since being found as the runt of the litter in a rural tool shed. She was born with several genetic abnormalities which result in her having a permanent kitten-like appearance. Dwarfism makes it difficult for her to get around on her small legs, and she’s the only cat to ever be born with osteopetrosis, a condition which makes her bones grow more dense with age. Despite all of this, she’s a happy, mostly healthy cat, and she’s helped raise over $200,000 for charities that help animals in need. The internet can’t get enough of her, and she has almost 3 million likes on Facebook. She’s helping people see that special needs cats are loving and adorable in their own way.

4. Monty

Monty has some chromosome abnormalities that result in a unique look. He was born without a nasal bridge, and that makes him sneeze a lot. His abnormalities also cause his bladder to leak sometimes in his sleep. Despite his conditions, he’s one of the most loving, sweet cats around. He’s trying to show that just because you look a little different doesn’t mean you can’t be fantastic, and the internet agrees, as Monty has over 375K likes on Facebook and 315K followers on Instagram.

5. Phyllis, Michonne, and Fleur Bunny

Phyllis, Michonne, and Fleur Bunny had a rough start to life. The farmer that owned their mother was going to drown the kittens, but Katina Balson of Cat Cuddle Cafe in Brisbane, Australia stepped in and gave them as much care as she could. The cats were suffering from radial hypoplasia brought on my lack of nourishment. Fleur Bunny was lucky as her legs straightened out over time, but vets recommended amputating Phyllis and Michonne’s front legs. Balson wasn’t about to give up on them, though, so the cats’ front legs were put in casts that helped straighten them out. Michonne made an almost complete recovery, but Phyllis likely won’t ever be able to walk like a normal cat. Still, she loves to run and play with the other kitties, and together these cats are showing that with a little hope, love, and care, cats like them can have very happy lives.

6. Handsome Hank

Hank was rescued from a hoarding situation with 30 other cats, and he was lucky to find a foster home that helped nurse him back to health. He’s deaf and blind due to untreated ear infections and mite infestations, but he’s got an adventurous spirit. He lives in his forever home now, and his owners say that he loves exploring the world around him. He’s resourceful at solving problems and can play like any other cat. He loves catnip, and his owners think he may have a bit of a nip addiction. They hope that Hank’s story will show people that disabled cats can still make excellent companions.

7. Anakin

Anakin was born without a pelvis or back legs, leaving him with only his two front legs to get around with. He was first spotted eating with a feral cat colony when he was rescued. His new owners brought him to the vet where he was x-rayed and found to be in good health, despite missing his back legs. He had taught himself how to walk and balance with just his front legs. Right now he doesn’t need wheels as those would stop him from moving freely and climbing his cat tower, which he enjoys doing. When he’s older, his owners may get him a set of wheels, but for now he’s happy on two legs. He shows that even with a disability, he’s just a regular cat at heart.

8. Sir Stuffington

When Sir Stuffington was found with his two brothers, he had calicivirus, a severe flea infestation, a heart murmur, a missing eye and a fractured jaw. He was treated at Multnomah County Animal Services before living in his foster home with his brothers. Sir Stuffington has come to be known as the Pirate Cat because of his missing eye and his face looking a bit like it’s contorted in a snarl. Despite his looks, he’s a sweet cat who loves his home. Now he’s got over 50K likes on Facebook, and the shelter that took him in couldn’t be happier. They hope Sir Stuffington’s popularity will help cats like him get adopted and inspire people to help out at their local shelter. His conditions may mean he has special needs, but they also make him a very special cat.

What other famous special needs cats do you follow online? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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