6 Reasons To Adopt A Cat From A Shelter: Adopt A Shelter Pet Day

The cat world is full of people who are all about the adopt don’t shop movement — which means encouraging people to visit their local shelter and adopt a cat in need, rather than splashing cash on some designer cat sold at a profit by a breeder. So with Adopt A Shelter Pet Day approaching April 30th, here are six solid reasons to step up and rescue a homeless cat from your local shelter.

1. All Cats Deserve A Chance

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Most of the cats who arrive at shelters do so after having experienced hardship, abandonment or even abuse. On an emotional level, this means that they deserve a shot at settling into a safe and loving forever home.

A shelter might also be dealing with special needs cats. While it’s an extra commitment you might not have considered taking on before, you never know when you’ll become smitten by a tripod cat or a feline overcoming a major injury.

2. One Cat In, One Cat Out

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Shelters do not have unlimited space. Often times, they’re running at maximum cat capacity. This means that if someone approaches them with a new cat who needs taking in, they unfortunately might have to turn the kitty down due to a simple lack of space. Adopting a cat opens up a new spot for a new cat.

3. You’re Spreading Awareness

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Everyone loves talking about their cat. Naturally, this often involves recapping the kitty’s back story — so when you tell someone that you adopted from a shelter, it becomes an easy way to spread awareness about the importance of scooping up amazing cats from shelters rather than shelling out for designer breeds who may come with genetic disorders and emotional issues of their own.

4. Pick ‘N’ Mix Cats

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Speaking of cat breeds, you’d be amazed at the range of cats that are available in your average, everyday shelter. Domestic Shorthairs! Calicos! Maine Coons! Persians! Russian Blues! Birmans! And let us not forget the much maligned black cat, which historically suffers from a lower adoption rate due to being associated with bad luck — and now recently is being shunned because people find it hard to take selfies with them. Don’t be that person.

5. You Get To Know The Cat’s Personality

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Shelters are packed with cats — which means you get to take your time and browse all the felines and pick out one whose personality and demeanor matches you best. That might be a total nap cat who’s happy to lounge all day, a kitty who loves to be petted, or an amped up kitten who won’t stop bombing around her cage playing with toys.

6. You Might End Up Volunteering

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Finally, after you spend some time at your local shelter and see the work they do — along with all the adorable cats they house — you could well find yourself doing the right thing and offering to volunteer. What could be a better use of your time than hanging around cats all day, right?