10 Cats Hugging For National Hug Your Cat Day

June 4th is National Hug Your Cat Day!

Hugs are a natural antidepressant. The body reacts positively to a caring and loving touch. However, hugging is not just for humans. After all, if you know cats, then you know they are creatures that love to hug. It seems that cats are always managing to give hugs in their own cat way. Whether it’s rubbing against you with their tail, pushing you with their head, or snuggling up with them in bed, cats love to give hugs to all types of creatures. In honor of this wonderful holiday, here are ten cats giving hugs to ten different creatures, even a human creature! Prepare yourself for extreme hug cuteness.

1. Cat Hugs Owner And Won’t Let Go

This cat loves to hug his owner, so much so that he won’t let go! This ginger kitty is so huggable it’s irresistible. It’s so cute how the cat has his two front legs wrapped around his owner’s neck just like a real life human hug. The cat is obviously loving it, as he can’t stop purring and smiling. He even gives his owner little neck kisses, how cute! The only problem is when you have to let go and put him down because how could anyone resist hugging this cat?

2. Cat Can’t Stop Hugging Horse

This cat literally cannot stop hugging his horse friend. The video goes on for about three minutes and in that entire time this cat is hugging, snuggling, and kissing the horse’s back. The horse doesn’t seem to mind one bit, probably because there’s nothing that could resist the power of this cat’s hugs. Even as the horse starts to walk, the cat doesn’t care and keeps hugging him! This horse and cat will definitely be friends for life.

3. Cat Hugs Dog Best Friend

In contrast to the long-held belief dogs and cats can’t be friends, this dog and cat defy stereotypes. These two guys are best friends and wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s adorable how they stand side by side, as if they are protecting each other. The kitty can’t stop give love rubs to his doggie friend, but then he goes in for the ultimate sign of affection, the hug. The cat literally stands up on his hind legs and wraps his front legs around the dog’s neck just like a human! It’s truly amazing to see a cat hug like this so make sure you watch for yourself.

4. Cat And Baby Duck Hug And Cuddle

Oscar the cat and this baby duck love to cuddle and hug. While birds are usually known as prey to cats, this little duckling has found a special place in Oscar’s heart. It’s adorable how Oscar has his legs open, as if he is waiting for the chick to come in for the snuggle. These guys definitely have a daily hug routine because Oscar looks as if he knows exactly what to do. Once the chick snuggles under Oscar’s front legs, Oscar slowly and gently squeezes the chick against him. Snuggle buddies for life.

5. Kitty And Lizard Are Snuggle Buddies

A cat and a lizard may seem like a very unlikely duo to be cuddle buddies, but these two guys are the exception. Charles the Bearded Dragon and Baby the cat are inseparable. When their owner first got the lizard, she wasn’t sure how her cat would react. However, almost immediately they became best friends and now do everything together. Their favorite activity is hugging and cuddling together while they fall asleep. It’s adorable how Charles has his head tucked right under Baby’s head. Their bond is unbreakable.

6. Cat And Rat Cuddle Together

The cat and the rat have always had a complicated relationship shall we say. This cat and rat however show that anyone can love each other. There is no need for this rat to be scared because he and his kitty friend have a trusting relationship. It’s so cute how the rat cuddles into the cat’s arms, purposely putting himself in the cat’s hug so they can cuddle. There is complete trust between these two, so much so that they even have their faces pushed up against each other. Now that is love.

7. Kitten And Rescue Pig Love To Hug

After being rescued from a pig farm, Laura was brought to a sanctuary. Soon after arriving, Laura formed a close relationship with a kitten named Marina. The two of them became completely attached. Even though Laura is much bigger than Marina, she is extremely gentle and sweet with her. Their favorite thing to do together is cuddle and sleep. It’s so lovable how Marina wraps her tiny legs around Laura. You can tell Marina really trusts Laura.

8. Cat And Guinea Pig Are Inseparable

This cat loves his guinea pig friend so much it’s truly amazing. The cat cannot stop himself from giving the guinea pig love pushes and hugs. While the guinea pig sits their just minding his own business, the cat continues to show his affection. The cat at one point even uses the guinea pig like a pillow. The kitty keeps rolling over and lovingly wraps his paws around him. I think it’s safe to say this cat really likes guinea pigs.

9. Happy Cat Hugs Her Parakeet Friends

This cat is happiest when she gets to hug her parakeet friends. These birds have nothing to fear as this cat only wants to give them her love and affection. It is adorable how she lays there with her arms stretched out around the birds. She lies contently, licking the birds and giving them tiny sweet squeezes and hugs. And the birds definitely love it, as they snuggle in under her head. This cat is definitely a bird whisperer.

10. Cat And Baby Goat Love Each Other

KT the goat was rescued after he was found alone and malnourished. After recovering, KT formed an unlikely bond with another rescue animal, William the cat. These two buddies are never too far from each other’s sides. They really love each other and especially love to cuddle and hug. William constantly pushes himself into KT, showering him with lovable cat hugs. William and KT will always have each other’s backs.

Do you have a cat who loves to hug? Let us know and leave a comment below.