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Hilarious Cat Climbs On Academic Owner During Serious News Interview [VIDEO]

A Dutch news program called Nieuwsuur interviewed Polish academic historian, Jerzy Targalski, about the forced removal of his country’s top judge by the ruling conservative party. Certainly, the serious, controversial topic demanded a solemn conversation, but that’s not what Targalski’s orange tabby cat, Lisio, had in mind.

The adorable kitty couldn’t bear to spend time away from Targalski, even for a television interview. Lisio climbed Targaski’s arm and perched on his shoulders, stealing the show entirely. Targalski tried to plow on, but he might as well not have been speaking at all, as the kitty captured all the attention, even curling a long tail in front of the cat owner’s eyes and face. (Jump to 3:50 in the video below for more Lisio!)

Lisio is known to appear on Targalski’s lap in other segments, though not quite as intrusively as in the Nieuwsuur interview. Lisio also crashed a piece with Targalski earlier this year, sitting on his lap and sneaking behind him for a nap on his chair. Targalski’s other kitty, a cute, black snuggler, also sat on his lap. (You can see that cat at 9:03 in the video below!)

I think we can all relate to our cats never giving us a moment of privacy, but it’s one of the many reasons we love them so much. It’s hard to say “no” to our adorable feline friends, and that’s why they have us wrapped around their tiny paws.

Has your cat interrupted you at some inopportune times? Can you relate to Targalski and his love for felines? Let us know in the comments below!

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