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The 5 Best Cat Videos You Need To Watch For December

Every month at CatTime, we take on the task of reviewing the billions upon billions of cat videos released to the Internet. Then we select the five most essential videos of the month for your viewing pleasure.

Without further ado, here are December’s must-watch cat videos.

(If you missed last month’s edition, you can still check out those cat videos here!)

1. Peek-A-Boo Kitten


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We start with a kitten video from Japan. The cat in question is snugly hiding while setting his eyes on a toy. But the real clincher is when that kitten nose pops out of the blanket!

2. Kittens In A Box


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What could possibly be better than a cat in a cardboard box? How about a kitten inside a dinky little tissue box!

Actually, keep paying attention because maybe there’s more than one furry little feline nestled away inside the box…

3. The Intrepid Birthday Cake Cats


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Here we have a fine clowder of seven all-white kittens. As their human goes to the kitchen, they naturally follow her under the assumption that treats or a meal will soon be served up, but it turns out the human is only visiting the kitchen to grab a slice of birthday cake.

Undeterred, the kittens persist in following their human around in the hopes of a snack session.

4. The Faucet Drinking Feline


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Kirry is a cat who only ever wants to drink water out of the faucet. That alone isn’t that peculiar, but in Kirry’s case, the water needs to be cupped in the hand of a human before the refreshment session can begin!

5. The Christmas Grinch


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Finally, it would not be a December round up of cat videos if we did not include at least one example of a cat somehow dressed up in some sort of holiday outfit.

In this case, we have Merlin, a ragdoll, whose owners have turned his cardboard box into a snappy Grinch-themed photo booth. Best of all, Merlin has clearly been practicing his best Grinch face.

Did we overlook your favorite cat video of the month? Share it in the comments section below!

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