Kitten looking at tiger
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International Tiger Day: 5 Cats And Their Tiger Friends [VIDEOS]

International Tiger Day is celebrated on July 29th! It’s a day to promote the protection of tiger habitats and conservation around the world.

It’s not just domestic felines that CatTime is besotted with–we also like to show a little love to the big cats out there from time to time.

So with International Tiger Day coming up, check out our selection of five fun videos that delve into the relationship between cats and their striped big cousins.

1. Kittens Vs. Tigers

First up, let’s start with a classic. Here’s some essential footage of the day when someone in their infinite wisdom decided to find out what would happen if a bunch of dinky kittens met some much larger tigers.

Don’t worry, it’s all totally safe and supervised!

2. Cats And Tigers On Catnip

Ever wondered if tigers are affected by catnip in the same fashion as domestic cats who love the ‘nip?

Dig into this video that’s full of unadulterated big cat and catnip action to find out.

3. A Domestic Situation

Keeping it domestic, here we have some footage of a house cat and a tiger cub who apparently live together.

You can probably guess that the long-haired kitty is taking absolutely no nonsense from the pesky playful striped cub.

4. Cat Versus Tiger Toy

One day, Timmy the tabby decided that what he really wanted to do was to hike over to his neighbor’s house, pick up a plush tiger toy, carry it home to a secluded spot, and then engage in a play session with the soft beast.

This is a top-notch 30 seconds of YouTube footage.

5. Lil Bub Meets Some Tigers

Finally, let’s end on a wholesome video clip of everyone’s favorite special needs superstar, Lil BUB, getting up close and very personal with a tiger.

Click the video to see how BUB gets on with her “big brothers” at the zoo!

What do you think about the relationship between cats and tigers? Are you going to help get the word out about International Tiger Day? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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