10 Less Adoptable Cats Who Found Amazing Homes

Certain types of cats like senior kitties or kitties with disabilities are harder to find homes for than others. In honor of these kitties, the last full week in September (24th – 30th) is officially Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week. Just because these cats may be a bit different, it doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to have a happy home with a loving family. To celebrate these amazing cats, we are sharing ten stories of less adoptable cats who found loving forever homes. If you are thinking about adopting, we hope that this story inspires you to think about taking a chance on a less adoptable kitty. Not only will it change your life, but it will also change the cat’s life!

1. Lil Bub

If you have the internet, then we are sure you have heard of this cat. Lil Bub is a sensation and has become an internet celebrity cat known for her cute expressions, tiny size, and her tongue sticking out. This successful kitty however has a very rare degenerative bone condition called Osteopetrosis that causes her bones to get more deformed as they continue to grow. Even with her condition, Lil Bub’s owner took her in and gave her a forever home, changing Lil Bub’s life and his life for the better. Lil Bub is now an extremely happy cat who is loved not just by her owner, but by the entire world. Lil Bub was the runt of the litter, but now she rules the internet.

2. Three-Legged Cat Finds Forever Home

Two years ago Sylvia was found alone in the woods with a mangled right arm. Unfortunately, they had to amputate her injured arm and she was in a shelter for a few months. It looked like no one wanted to take this special kitty with three legs home and the people at the shelter started to get worried. That’s when her new dad came to the rescue. This cat’s life completely changed thanks to one good human who didn’t look down upon her because she had three legs. These days this cat loves to play non-stop. Having three legs has not slowed her down one bit.

3. Orren The Cat With Respiratory Issues

Orren the cat was rescued alongside one hundred fifty other animals in North Carolina. However, Orren was special because as soon as the rescuers entered the building, they could hear Orren breathing heavily and it was obvious he had respiratory issues. He has a little cauliflower ear, chronic eye and nose drainage, and a heart murmur. This cat had little chance of being adopted because of all his conditions, but luckily a member of the Humane Society of the United States Animal Rescue Team contacted a friend and immediately Orren was adopted. Even with his disabilities, Orren is an extremely lovable cat who is pampered by his new owner.

4. Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat, have you heard of him? This cat is the queen of all memes! Grumpy Cat may have achieved celebrity status, but did you know she also has a disability. Grumpy Cat has feline dwarfism along with an underbite. Even though the world loves her, it wasn’t always the case. Thankfully her owner adopted her even with her different looking face and body. Grumpy Cat is proof that adopting a kitty with a disability can be just as great as adopting any other cat. And who knows, they may change your life, and theirs, for the better.

5. 20 Year Old Cat Finally Finds Home

Dexter the cat is twenty years old. Yes, he is twenty years old you did not read that wrong! Senior kitties like Dexter have an extremely difficult time getting adopted. With younger cats and kittens around, senior cats are often not as desired as their younger counterparts. Thankfully this family decided to open up their home to Dexter and give him a place to live out the rest of his life. He went from living in a hoarding situation with one hundred other cats and being malnourished, to having a real family. He even has a new five year old human best friend who he loves to mush and love.

6. Stray Cat With Cancer Gets Second Chance

This story of a cat with cancer finding a forever home will touch your heart. Wendy was homeless and living with her cat Kit Cat when she died. That’s when Ms. Kitty entered her life. Ms. Kitty was found on a golf course and it looked like she had an infection on her nose. They took her into the vet to discover it was cancer and had to amputate the whole nose. They were not sure who would want this cat, but that’s when they thought of Wendy. Ms. Kitty helped Wendy overcome the death of her previous cat, and Wendy gave Ms. Kitty a forever home. Now Wendy has a home and both are thankful they came into each other’s lives.

7. Oskar The Blind Kitty

Oskar the cat was born blind. He suffers from a severe form of microphthalmia so his eyes never fully developed. Even with this condition, Oskar is one of the happiest cats who always lives life to the fullest no matter what. Besides his blindness, Oskar lives a completely normal life and functions just like any other cat. He loves to play, sleep, and eat of course! When he was found as a stray on a farm in Iowa, instead of giving him away because of his blindness the family decided that it did not matter and took him in anyway. Oskar may be blind, but it doesn’t stop him from loving life.

8. Cat With Cerebellar Hypoplasia Has Dog Best Friend

Ralphee the kitten has a neurological condition known as feline cerebellar hypoplasia. This condition affects the kitten’s ability to control coordination and fine motor skills, leaving him with a different way of walking. Conditions like these sometimes deter people from adopting animals because it can be difficult to deal with, but luckily this family decided that this condition was not enough to keep them from adopting Ralphee. And now Ralphee has a new doggie best friend named Max who is always by his side no matter what. Max looks out for Ralphee and makes sure he is always safe.

9. Monty The Cat Has No Nasal Bridge

Monty the cat has caused quite a stir on the internet because of his face. Due to chromosomal abnormalities Monty was born with a flat nose, making his eyes appear unusually far apart from each other and giving him an abnormal look. His family adopted him because they didn’t care what he looked like, they only cared that he was a loving and affectionate cat who needed a forever home. Monty proves that looks don’t mean a thing. Not only is he a star, but he is one of the sweetest cats you’ll ever meet.

10. Lazarus The Cleft Palate Kitty

Lazarus the rescue cat is unique because she was born with a cleft palate. Even with her rare look, she became a sensation on vine thanks to her owner who wanted to share her love for her cat with the internet. Cats like Lazarus prove that having a disability doesn’t mean they should not be adopted. Lazarus deserves love just like any other cat without a cleft palate. It can take extra work to care for a cat with a disability like Lazarus, but her owner knows that the extra work is worth it. Cats like Lazarus sometimes never make it out of shelters, so remember Lazarus’ story next time you are thinking of adopting.

Do you have any stories of adopting a less adoptable kitty? Let us know and leave a comment below.